Six years ago, after a decline in oil prices, former governor Bill Walker reduced the PFD as part of an effort to close the growing budget deficit. It was an unprecedented and deeply unpopular move which decimated his chances for a second term.

In 2018, Mike Dunleavy campaigned on a promise of restoring a full dividend AND make it retroactive. Dunleavy, like most Republicans, acted as though could simply wave a magic wand and conjure, out of thin air, what would have amounted to nearly seven thousand dollars for every Alaskan.

Dunleavy knew full well that his promise was an empty one because it's the legislature with the say and he alone can't increase it. The most he can do is veto...or not.

In an Anchorage Daily News editorial a few days before the 2018 election, Dunleavy wrote:

“Alaska suffers from a crisis of confidence with our politicians and our government."

Now on that, we agree, but not for the same reasons. While we can, should and will talk about Dunleavy's failures as Governor, we should also talk about the more nuanced aspects of his failures as a leader, from how he mismanaged Alaska's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to how he repeatedly refused to take a strong position on the need for Alaskans to get vaccinated against the virus.

In the weeks ahead, we'll probably even touch on Dunleavy's December 22, 2020, announcement that he had joined Parler—a social media platform that allowed users to post far-right content, antisemitism, QAnon conspiracy theories and "stop the steal" messaging ahead of the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Until we do, and we will...just remember that as lawyers for Donald Trump are engaged in discussions with the Department of Justice, none of Trump's Alaska-endorsed candidates have distanced themselves from the former guy.

Mary, Mary, Mary

What's everybody's favorite candidate been up to? Campaigning!

On Saturday, Mary was in Ketchikan and took time out of her campaign schedule to stop and give this very good pup some pats. This photograph BTW is fierce. Local art, a good pupper and a blue salmon that seems to be signaling support for Peltola's campaign!

I've had the opportunity to meet Mary on more than one occasion and can tell you she's truly the real deal. She's the kind of person who will sit and listen to the concerns of those she may not even agree with...and while she's doing so, leans in and really listens.

But importantly, Peltola is someone who shares our values. I know many of you care about the climate crisis and so does Mary.

In Alaska, rising temperatures and erosion are causing damage to buildings and coastal infrastructure that will be costly to repair or replace, particularly in rural areas. Mary knows this and will work to combat the climate crisis.

On Wednesday, Mary attended a candidate forum in Kenai. Conspicuously absent was Quitter and MAGA Republican Sarah Palin, who skipped out to hold a fundraiser in...wait for it...Minneapolis!

On August 4th, Palin spoke with election fraud conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell. It went about as you might expect...maybe worse. While the Alaska Democratic Party doesn't want to become part of the Alaska GOP's election fraud disinformation scheme, we did find it appropriate to share a short clip from the beginning of the interview which you can watch below. Gird your loins before you do because Palin and Lindell pack a lot of gross into this 45 second clip. ⬇️

10/10 Yikes!
While Alaska polls should be taken with a grain of salt, a recent Alaska Survey Research Poll shows Mary neck and neck with MAGA Republicans Sarah Palin and Nick Begich. You can help make history by casting your vote for Mary Peltola on August 16th!


Les Gara and Jessica Cook have been all over the place campaigning! Last week they were in Kodiak for a successful meet and greet and found some time to take in the sights.

This Tuesday, August 9th, Gara & Cook will be in Dillingham for another meet & greet at the Boat Harbor from 5:15-7 PM. Event details can be found here. And don't forget to cast your vote for the only pro-choice ticket running for Governor and Lt. Governor.

(Must be kind of cool to cast a ballot for yourself)

Choose Chesbro

Like Mary Peltola, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, Pat Chesbro was also campaigning in Ketchikan over the weekend. Pat met with voters at the Blueberry Arts Festival and heard from voters who support her campaign!

On Friday, Pat attended a meet and greet at the IBEW Hall.

We say this a lot (because it's true) but Pat is THE pro-choice candidate in this race. She is passionate about protecting the right to a safe and legal abortion and combating the climate crisis. On August 16th, cast your vote for Pat Chesbro!

This and that...

House District 10 candidate Caroline Storm and House District 21 candidate Donna Mears were at the Ida'ina Potlatch event on the Delaney Park Strip on Saturday.

House District 22 candidate Ted Eischeid and House District 13 candidate Rep. Andy Josephson found a moment to snap a selfie.

Up in Fairbanks, House District 31 candidate and overall rockstar Maxine Dibert has been going door to door introducing herself to future constituents! I have a good feeling about this race but we can't let our guard down. Maxine is going to need all our support and of course, your vote to win! Learn more about her campaign and let's send Bart Lebon packing!

The Koch-funded Libertarian conservative political advocacy group Americans for Prosperity mailed this out. THEY ACTUALLY MAILED IT.

Look, typos happen—I've made mistakes, Jeanne has and every writer and reporter has made their fair share as well, but you have to wonder how this costly one slipped through the cracks. Maybe when your 501(c)(4) has $100 million on hand you can simply afford not to care. 🤷‍♀️

Alaska March On and the Alaska Center have issued their endorsements ahead of Election Day! Be sure to check out their social media pages!

The Alaska Beacon has published its Q&A with state House candidates ahead of the primary election. By my count, nearly 30 Alaska Republican candidates refused to respond to the questionnaire, which doesn't seem very transparent.

Jennie Armstrong is running in House District 16 against three other candidates. Only one of those Republican candidates, Alaska MAGA party member Joel McKinney, took time to answer questions sent to them by the Alaska Beacon. It’s almost like he didn’t answer at all. 🙄

Vote Blue, Vote Choice

We know you're tired, but we need you to get fired up, get engaged and vote on August 16th because the future and direction of our state depends on it.

Ranked Choice Voting: A Boots On The Ground View

The Interior Democrats Monthly Fahrenkamp Luncheon series on Friday, August 12 at noon via Zoom welcomes guest speakers Tanner Fritsinger and Isaac Jones, who will discuss “Ranked Choice Voting: A Boots on the Ground View." Click here for the Zoom link!

Help us hit it out of the park!

On August 25, the Alaska Democratic Party is hosting a fundraiser as we work to secure candidate victories up and down the ticket in November.

In 2020, ADP made more than a $300,000 investment in state legislative races and flipped two House seats. This year, ADP is supporting more than 36 candidates across the state and we are focused on growing the Democratic majority in the State House and State Senate.

If you'd like to RSVP for the event, you can do so here!

If you can't attend but want to donate and help us make gains in November, use this link!

Every dollar donated to ADP goes to electing candidates that share our values. With your help, we will elect Democrats up and down the ticket in 2022!

Save the date! On August 18th, Les Gara and Jessica Cook will be at the home of Anchorage Assembly candidate George Martinez for a diversity meet & greet event. RSVP here!

Work for the greater good!

The Alaska Democratic Party is seeking an Organizing Director for this year's campaign cycle. This position will collaborate with other staff and party leaders in creating and implementing a strategic plan that helps elect Democrats at all levels.

Download the full job description and apply!

That’s it for now! Remember, to help us do what we do at a time when it’s very clear that it needs to be done, click HERE to support ADP once, or become a monthly donor!

Keep an eye on our website events calendar and the events tab on our Facebook page for the latest upcoming candidate events. Make sure and follow our social media accounts as well. You can find us on TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

And as always, thank you for doing what you do to make Alaska a little (or a lot) more blue.


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