Alaska Democratic Party 2024 Delegate Selection Plan Approved 

Alaska Democratic Party to send twenty (20) delegates and two (2) alternates to the 2024 Democratic presidential nominating convention in Chicago 


December 11, 2023

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ANCHORAGE: The Alaska Democratic Party’s (ADP) 2024 Delegate Selection Plan was approved by the Democratic National Committee (DNC). National rules require state party committees to submit a plan for approval and solicit public comment on their plan to select pledged delegates and alternates to the national convention. Public comment for ADP’s plan closed on April 22, 2023. 

Alaska has been allocated twenty (20) delegates and two (2) alternates for the 2024 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois. Every Alaskan registered as a Democrat is eligible to be a national convention delegate and encouraged to participate in the delegate selection process. The ADP’s plan places an emphasis on equity and inclusion to ensure a diverse and appropriate delegation represents Alaska in Chicago. This effort is led by ADP Vice-Chair and 2022 Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Jessica Cook.

Per the Party’s plan, national pledged delegates will be selected from among the state delegates at the Alaska Democratic Party State Convention in Juneau on May 18, 2024. ADP State Convention delegates are selected at the State House District Organizational meetings on April 13, 2024. A list of State House District Chairs can be found by clicking this link

Should more than one presidential candidate meet the Alaska Democratic Party’s ballot access requirements the seventeen (17) pledged delegates and alternates will be allocated to the presidential candidate(s) based on the results of  the Party-run Primary held on April 6, 2024. Democrats in Alaska interested in being an ADP national delegate, convention page, or standing convention committee member should review the plan and reach out to [email protected] The plan is available for review at


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