Food Assistance at Risk for 18,484 Alaska Women and Children as Government Shutdown Looms

The Alaska Democratic Party urges Congress to fully fund the government


September 28, 2023

CONTACT: Shayla Freirich

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ANCHORAGE: 18,484 women, children and infants in Alaska who rely on financial assistance from the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) for food security may soon be turned away at grocery store checkouts if they are using WIC vouchers if the government shuts down. 

“Republicans’ extreme political games are pushing the country closer and closer to a government shutdown that could have devastating impacts for Alaska families,” said Alaska Democratic Party Chair Mike Wenstrup. “If GOP members in the House continue prioritizing their MAGA agenda over families, more than 18,000 thousand women, children, and infants in our state who depend on WIC for nutrition assistance may face food insecurity as winter approaches. It’s clear that MAGA Republicans are more concerned about doing Trump’s bidding than looking out for the American people, and it’s families who will be forced to pay the price.”


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