The Long Story:

Alaskans are unique.

We are resilient, hardworking, and ambitious. 

We understand the challenges that come with living in a place like ours, and we take those challenges in stride – always persevering with our fellow Alaskans by our side.

From Juneau to Utqiaġvik, the beauty, and ruggedness of the landscape have sculpted the way we live our lives. Alaskans put community first through hard work and a sense of togetherness and unity rarely seen elsewhere. 

As Democrats, we are guided by certain shared AK values that are the foundation of our party. Everything from the actions we take in our communities, to the policies we champion, are grounded in these shared values: 

To us, these values are more than just words.

We are community members.
We are friends.
We are family.
We are neighbors.

We are Democrats.
We are Alaskans.

Living in our great state comes with a set of distinct circumstances that the Democrats of the Lower 48 just don’t get. 

Alaska is unique – so too are the people of Alaska.

As Democrats, we tell our story through an Alaska lens; a story steeped in our rich tradition and driven by our shared values.

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