The Short Story

Alaska is unique – so too are the people of Alaska.
As Democrats, we tell our story through an Alaska lens; a story steeped in our rich tradition and driven by our shared values.

Alaska Values

We are guided by shared Alaska values that are the foundation of our party; the policies we champion are grounded in these shared values:

We believe that we and our leadership must express empathy to others. Empathy is expressed as compassion, kindness, and generosity.

Helping your neighbor haul their boat back to shore when it runs out of gas on the Kusko.

We commit ourselves to truth, integrity, honesty, and accountability, as individuals, in our actions as a Party, and in how we govern.

Being sure to always pack out what you pack in, even when nobody’s watching, to protect and respect the land – and never lying about killing a bear.

Equity is expressed in fairness, justice, democracy, intentional inclusiveness, equal opportunity for all, human dignity, diversity, and respect.

Making sure that every community in Alaska has access to the resources they need to live, work, and provide for their families. 

Our purpose as Democrats is to serve the public. As members of the party and as elected officials, our service is shown by our work ethic, productivity, and humility.

Giving your first catch of the season to an elder or a neighbor in need, serving on the community council, or waving signs for your favorite candidate during election season.

We believe in human progress to make a better world. Opportunity, economic development, science, technology, and social development are part of our mission to create a better world for all people.

Working to make sure that every community has access to broadband to teach their kids, talk with their doctors, and have the ability to work from home.

We have a responsibility to leave a better world for those who follow us. We must pursue policies that ensure our resources – human, natural, and, financial – are managed for the sake of benefiting both current and future generations.

Releasing a fish when you realize it’s too small to help keep our fisheries healthy for future generations.

Our personal conduct should express the values listed above. We challenge ourselves to achieve even more than those who went before and leave a legacy of a more just, equitable, and successful society.

Ethics probably isn’t what comes to mind when you’re thinking about national politics, but to us, it means… staying true to the Alaska way of life and holding our leaders accountable to these values.

At Risk of Repeating ourselves:

This is Who We Are

If you’re still unsure what that means…

DON’T WORRY! There’s more where that came from.

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