The National Democratic Party is one of two major political parties in the United States. The party’s members are voters nationwide who identify with and support the basic principles of the party. Individual candidates, voters, and elected officials may all have different viewpoints on any given issue, but in modern times Democrats have always stood for an economy that benefits all Americans as well as equality and civil rights.

The Democratic Party is organized into a national committee, a state committee in each state, and numerous regional committees. The Alaska Democratic Party (ADP) embodies the explicit and distinct ideals of Alaskans. ADP has representation on the Democratic National Committee, where we are on an equal footing with the other 49 states.

Our state and local committees serve two primary functions: they elect delegates that represent them at higher levels by voting for officers and policies, and they work locally to help get Democrats elected to office at all levels.

The Alaska Democratic Party has a long, proud history in Alaska that predates statehood.  Today, over 75,000 Alaskans are registered members of the Alaska Democratic Party.

Alaska voters can choose a party when they register to vote.

The state party performs many functions, all ultimately designed to help Democrats win elected offices.

  • We organize to recruit volunteers to go door to door for our issues and our candidates.
  • We coordinate state-wide campaigns for general elections every two years, and help recruit volunteers for dozens of local campaigns.
  • Through our coordinated campaigns and during off-cycles, we recruitsupport, and train candidates who share our values and ideals.
  • We assist regional Democratic committees around Alaska.
  • We send out email announcements and newsletters to interested Democrats about party activities, volunteer opportunities, and events.
  • We operate our own state Voter File, used by candidates to contact voters in their districts.

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