Alaska Democratic Party 2024 Draft Delegate Selection Plan Submitted   

In preparation for the 2024 DNC National Convention, ADP has submitted its 2024 Plan. 

ANCHORAGE: The Alaska Democratic Party (ADP) has submitted its 2024 Delegate Selection Plan to the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The plan is available for review at

Alaska has been allocated fourteen pledged delegates and two pledged alternates for the 2024 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois. Registered Democrat Alaskans are eligible and encouraged to participate in the delegate selection process. Alaska, joined by Kansas, Hawai’i, and Wyoming, moved from utilizing a caucus to a Party-run Primary in 2020. Sixteen allocated pledged delegates and alternates will be allocated (to candidate(s)) per the Party-run Primary results. Beginning at the Alaska State House district, pledged delegates will be determined through a tiered process. The Alaska Delegation will be finalized at the Alaska Democratic Party 2024 State Convention in Juneau, Alaska. 

National rules require state party committees to solicit public comment on their plan to select pledged delegates and alternates to the national convention. Public comment was closed on April 22, 2023.

Read the Delegate Selection Plan

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