Alaska Democratic Party One Year Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Overturn

One year after the overturn of Roe v. Wade in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Supreme Court decision, the Alaska Democratic Party (ADP) reiterates its commitment to electing Democratic candidates that support access to abortion


June 23, 2023

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ANCHORAGE: Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the attack on a constitutional right to access to abortion by the highest court in the land. The Alaska Democratic Party remains committed to complete access to reproductive care and will be doubling down on recruiting and supporting candidates at every level of government that will restore and protect rights to our own bodies.

When the United States Supreme Court overturned nearly 50 years of precedent last year, extremist Republicans jumped at the opportunity to continue to degrade personal freedoms, privacy, and choice. In a June 2022 press release, Senator Dan Sullivan stated “I support the Supreme Court’s decision today…As a pro-life Catholic, I believe there is no greater gift than that of life. Going forward, I will continue to support legislation protecting the most vulnerable in society.” Senator Sullivan and Republican Governor Mike Dunleavy have continuously gone after full access to healthcare despite a majority of Alaskans supporting access to abortion.

“Anti-choice Republicans in Alaska like Senator Sullivan are woefully out of touch with the majority of Alaskans. Alaska was one of the first states to make abortion legal and safe and a majority of Alaskans support access to abortion,” said Executive Director Lindsay Kavanaugh. “It’s imperative we elect candidates at every level of government who appropriately represent us and will protect our privacy, rights, and freedoms.”

“While reproductive healthcare is protected in Alaska through our state constitution, it’s not good enough. Republicans continue to attack this fundamental right and all persons deserve full access to healthcare,” said Vice-Chair Jessica Cook. 

Persons interested in running for office may contact the Party at [email protected]

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