The elected officials below represent the Alaska Democratic Party. If you don’t know what district you are in, we have provided district maps for each candidate. The full 2022 Proclamation Map Gallery can be found here.

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Senator Jesse Kiehl
Senate District B – Juneau

Website / Facebook / Twitter

Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson
Senate District G – Anchorage

Website / Facebook

Rep. Matt Claman
Senate District H – Anchorage

Website / Facebook / Instagram

Löki Gale Tobin
Senate District I – Anchorage

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Forrest Dunbar
Senate District J – Anchorage

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Senator Bill Wielechowski
Senate District K – Anchorage

Website / Facebook

Senator Scott Kawasaki
Senate District P – Fairbanks

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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