Recruiting Power Of Alaska Democratic Party On Display In 2022 Election Cycle

(ANCHORAGE) – Earlier this year, the Alaska Democratic Party forged a working relationship with Movement Labs, a progressive organization that combines data, technology and experimental methods with an army of passionate volunteers to recruit candidates to run for public office in red districts that have too often been ignored.

With this successful, unantiquated, fresh recruitment initiative, the Alaska Democratic Party has demonstrated it has the resources and capability to reach and embolden Democrats such as House District (HD) 15 candidate Denny Wells, HD 9 candidate David Schaff and HD 10 candidate Caroline Storm—three individuals who stepped up and filed to run for legislative office with the willingness to challenge Republicans who have fallen woefully out of touch with their constituencies.

ADP is likewise pleased to have recruited such an excellent candidate in Democrat Maxine Dilbert to run against Republican Bart LeBon in highly competitive HD 31, where Democrats lost by 1 vote in 2018. LeBon, who had initially caucused with Democrats in recognition that the district was progressive, later turned tail after he became intimidated by the Alaska Republican Party and apparently fell fearful of Governor Mike Dunleavy.

Democrat and Anchorage activist Andrew Gray, wholly dedicated to public service, is running for HD 20, a seat previously held by Rep. Ivy Spohnholz, who announced her retirement last month. Fellow Democrat and current Alaska Young Democrats President Genevieve Mina stepped up to run in HD 19 after Rep. Geran Tarr filed to run for state senate. Staunch Democrat and tough as nails Alaskan entrepreneur Jennie Armstrong will run a strong campaign in HD 16.

State House Rep. Matt Claman also announced today that he would run against state Senator Mia Costello in Senate District H, where she has walked out of step with her constituency unchecked for far too long.

While Rep. Liz Snyder will not seek re-election, ADP is excited to announce that Liz has graciously passed the baton to Donna Mears, who will run a Boots On The Ground campaign to ensure that a strong progressive voice holds House District 21. As an engineer, the crux of Mears’ campaign will be focused on infrastructure and the economy, as federal funding will play a transformative role in shaping the future of Alaska’s economy.

The Alaska Democratic Party is also proud that Democrats Les Gara and Jessica Cook represent the singular pro-choice gubernatorial ticket during a tumultuous, uncertain time when the fundamental right to abortion services stands imperiled as the Supreme Court’s conservative majority appears poised to overturn Roe v. Wade.

ADP is thrilled that Democrat Pat Chesbro, who by announcing her candidacy for U.S. Senate last month provided Alaska voters with the opportunity to vote for the only reliable pro-choice candidate in the race.

Six great Democratic candidates are also running for Congress. We encourage all voters to pour over the campaigns of Christopher Constant and Mary Peltola and vote for one Democrat in the U.S. House Special Election.

In addition to providing Alaska voters with a solid slate of Democratic candidates in this year’s election cycle, ADP is excited about the 2022 proclamation map, which reflects the changing Alaska electorate and which provides for multiple pickup opportunities in the House and State Senate.

“The Alaska Democratic Party is wholly committed to prioritizing Alaska issues, advocating for children, families, workers, seniors, and veterans, and working to elect Democrats across the state while holding Republicans accountable,” said ADP Executive Director Lindsay Kavanaugh. “We can only move our state forward if we work together to establish a stronger, better Alaska Democratic Party.”


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