Mike Dunleavy has been one of the worst Governors Alaskans have ever seen. He’s the guy who works systematically to cut public education funding and the shyster who, in 2018, campaigned on the promise of ensuring that the Alaska Marine Highway System would remain the “backbone of transportation in Southeast,” but instead, has done everything in his power to decimate it.

In 2018, Coast Alaska likened Dunleavy to a “veto-wielding” governor who was slashing up the ferry budget. Sen. Jesse Kiehl called Dunleavy’s vetoes “a vision for the collapse of the economy in coastal Alaska.”

Fade to the present day, and it sure sounds like Sen. Kiehl was spot-on.

And when Dunleavy isn’t busily working to bring essential water travel to a standstill, he’s being accused of using state funds to pay his campaign staffers and violating campaign rules in violation of the state’s Executive Branch Ethics Act. 🤔

Then there was that time when a reporter asked him why he wasn’t more aggressive about encouraging people to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Dunleavy responded that it was because Alaskans weren’t living “someplace in Europe in 1939.”

Receipts ⬇️

After that enlightening exchange, Les Gara issued a statement calling for him to apologize for his “heated, misleading rhetoric.” (He didn’t).

You have to put yourself through intense mental gymnastics to conclude that mask or vaccine mandates or even strongly encouraging people to get vaccinated are somehow reminiscent of Europe circa 1939. I don’t know; perhaps Governor Dunleavy’s good friend Rep. David Eastman helped him navigate that one in 2018.

Anchorage, Circa 2018

Alaskans deserve a leader who genuinely cares about the future and direction of the state. Someone committed to creating better-paying jobs, seeing that women continue to have autonomy over their bodies, and who understands that school funding must be consistent with the pace of inflation. Les Gara is that leader. ⬇️

We’re just not that into you

While Democrats everywhere have been celebrating Mary Peltola’s historic victory, Republicans – not so much. 😏

Sarah Palin, for example, did what any average non-extreme Alaska GOP member would do after losing an election 🙄 – she went on Steve Bannon’s talk show claiming Alaskans had been fooled by what she called this “newfangled, cockamamie system” of ranked-choice voting. She even claimed RCV was potentially “fraught with fraud” in what may have been a preemptive attempt to undermine a potential November election outcome she didn’t like.

Cockamamie Speed Ahead! ⬇️

Sarah isn’t the only election denier running for office in Alaska this year. According to FiveThirtyEight, the Alaska GOP is full of them!

Also not super confident that Gov. Dunleavy merely “raised questions” about the 2020 presidential election considering he told Alaska GOP propaganda outlet “Must Read Alaska” that there was an “outside chance” Joe Biden would become the next president and later announced Alaska had joined a Texas case challenging election results in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

The guy even joined the Parler social media platform, for crying out loud.

Les Gara, Jessica Cook, Pat Chesbro, and Mary Peltola? NOT election deniers, to be precise. See? Here’s Mary Peltola on MSNBC not denying the election results. 🥰

Sen. Bill Wielechowski announced some great news on Thursday – the Alaska Online Checkbook became law over the weekend! In his own words:

“This bill establishes a searchable online database so the public can easily view details on state govt spending & revenues. It’ll take some time to get up & running but will allow Alaskans to see where State money is being spent.”

More transparency in government? Count us in! His Twitter thread explains how it will all work.

By now, you’ve likely heard the news that the Mat-Su school board of Sen. Shelly Hughes wannabees voted to suspend transgender students’ right to choose bathrooms that match their gender identity – a practice that had been in place for several years. The action comes on the heels of a June vote in which the board stripped transgender students from playing on girls’ sports teams.

Unsurprisingly, Rep. David Eastman even testified. (Not sharing the video of his testimony because it’s even more grotesque than usual).

Rep. David Eastman testifies at the Mat-Su school board meeting

We want you to know that the Alaska Democratic Party stands with the LGBTQ+ community’s fight for equality. We are committed to electing candidates like Andrew Gray and Jennie Armstrong who will work to ensure that all Alaskans are treated with dignity and respect in their communities, workplaces, and schools.

Keep the faith, be strong and exercise your right to vote in November to help bring about the change our state desperately needs.

Around Alaska

U.S. Senate candidate Pat Chesbro had a successful fundraising event attended by candidates Caroline Storm, Elvi-Gray Jackson, Jessica Cook, Harriet Drummond, Genevieve Mina, and Jim Cooper.

If you believe in reproductive health care as a fundamental right, fully support strengthening equitable educational systems, and care about the climate crisis, rank Pat first on the November ballot. With ranked-choice voting, we no longer need to be concerned about an anti-choice candidate placing first. We can vote our values and rank Pat 1st and other less ideal candidates as 2nd or 3rd.

HD 22 candidate Ted Eischeid proudly showed his support for unions last week! Save the date for a joint fundraiser in support of Ted and Andrew Gray. You can find details here!

Sen. Kawasaki has proudly stood up for unions and working families during his time in the legislature and will continue to do so when we re-elect him! His campaign website just received an update – check it out and then make a plan to vote and support him in November!

Ashley Carrick is running a solid campaign in Fairbanks, where she recently bumped into Representative-Elect Mary Peltola! Ashley has a slew of upcoming events – find them here, and show her some support! She will be a force for good in Juneau!

For over two decades, Maxine Dibert has worked as an educator in the public school system. After watching politicians fail to deliver for regular, working families, she stepped up to run for public office. Maxine wants to help create a better way of life for all Alaskans and is going door to door talking about the issues people care about the most.

Join Maxine and more than 100 (yes, you read that right) community leaders from across Alaska for a statewide virtual fundraiser to support Maxine. This race is key to protecting the House Majority, and with your support, we can help send her to Juneau!

Keep an eye on our social media to learn how you can watch Representative-Elect Mary Peltola’s swearing-in ceremony!

That’s it for now! Remember, to help us do what we do at a time when it’s evident that it needs to be done, click HERE to support ADP once, or become a monthly donor!

Keep an eye on our website events calendar and the events tab on our Facebook page for the latest upcoming candidate events. You can also find us on TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

And as always, thank you for doing what you do to make Alaska a little (or a lot) more blue.


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