News: ADP Celebrates Democrat Mary Peltola’s Advancement to the Special General Election for U.S. House of Representatives

News: ADP Celebrates Democrat Mary Peltola’s Advancement to the Special General Election for U.S. House of Representatives

June 22, 2022

(ANCHORAGE) – Today, the Alaska Democratic Party (ADP) celebrated the final count of ballots in the U.S. Special Primary Election, which has Democrat Mary Peltola advancing to the August Special Election for U.S. Congress.

The Alaska Division of Elections expects to certify the Special Primary Election on June 25.

ADP commends fellow Democrats Christopher Constant, Emil Notti and Mike Milligan, who quickly rallied around and endorsed Mary well ahead of the August Special Election.

Peltola, a former Alaska legislator from Bethel who served in the House for a decade and chaired the Bush Caucus, is uniquely poised to send former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin back to wherever she’s been hiding since Fox News cancelled its contract with her in 2015.

“Voters can do a lot better than cast a ballot for someone who quit on Alaskans halfway through their term as Governor,” said ADP Executive Director Lindsay Kavanaugh. “Mary’s performance outshines her other competitors, many of whom had deeper pockets and greater statewide name recognition than she did initially. A dedicated public servant with a strong moral compass, Mary is paving a clear path to victory.”

“Sarah Palin may have lasted longer as a contestant on the Masked Singer than she did serving as Alaska’s Governor,” said Mike Wenstrup, Chair of the Alaska Democratic Party. “By voting for and electing Mary Peltola, Alaskans will have a stable, thoughtful representative in Congress not prone to bailing on Alaskans when they see an opportunity to make a quick buck.”

Born and raised in Alaska, Mary served 10 years in the Alaska legislature and is a proven coalition builder and respected legislative leader with an established track record delivering for her constituents. She possesses an extensive career covering local and tribal government, resource and economic development, and fisheries.

Aside from promising to fight for Alaska’s share of infrastructure funding, which will create good paying jobs and build the foundation for economic growth for years to come, Mary supports efforts to reduce the wasteful bycatch of Alaska’s seafood by Seattle-based high seas fishing corporations. She acknowledges that Pebble Mine poses an existential risk to the greatest sockeye salmon run in the world and will work to establish permanent protections for the Bristol Bay region.

Mary is a dedicated public servant who cares deeply for the people of our state. She is a remarkable candidate running a remarkable campaign focused on all Alaskans.

In addition to providing direct candidate support and investments in races around the state, ADP invested significantly in voter education through all means such as digital, print and mail and organized get-out-of-the-vote initiatives for the Special Election. ADP remains committed to continuing and ramping up these efforts throughout the 2022 election cycle.