(Anchorage) – The Alaska Division of Elections (DOE) tallied 108,981 ballots on Saturday, reflecting 18.6% of all registered Alaska voters. As of June 11th, DOE had received at least 140,000 ballots cast in the Special Election representing a voter turnout rate of 23.8%.

The Party is excited about the initial results and the next rounds of counting set to begin this week!

Given that about 10,000 ballots were cast between June 10th and June 11th, we estimate that an unknown but considerable number of June 11th mailed ballots are in transit and will arrive at DOE over the course of the next several days, further increasing the turnout rate.

Historically, voter turnout in the past three congressional primary races has been lower than what we are experiencing in this year’s election:

  • 2020: 22.1%
  • 2018: 19.5%
  • 2016: 16.5%

The Alaska Democratic Party is thrilled at the increase in voter turnout for the vote-by-mail Special Election, which we believe demonstrates that Alaskans value our state’s voting system and trust that Alaska’s elections are secure, secret, and reliable.

The Alaska Division of Elections is set to release updated unofficial results on June 15th and June 17th with its final count to be conducted on June 21st.

We thank DOE staff for their diligence in ensuring that every legally cast ballot is counted and for working expeditiously to share the results of the Special Election with all Alaskans.


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