What better way to spend summer than to find your favorite fishing hole and cast away? For a few months, the snow and cold is behind us. Until the winter months return, its time to go out and enjoy the water.

When the snow's away, the Alaskans will fish!


You can’t go fishing without your license! Click here to sign up.

In need of a new fishing hole? Check out the Alaska Lake Database!

Responsibility means taking care of our fish population. Use this chart to see what you can fish.

New to fishing? Using this summer to return to an old hobby? In need of a refresher? It can be difficult to know where to get started. We’ve put some links together so you can spend less time researching and more time out on the water!


Have a catch you just need to show off?

How do you embody our shared AK values while you're out on the water?

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