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Our Mission.

We know that one of the largest obstacles to better funding for our children’s schools, better policies to meet the needs of working Alaska families, and a better vision for what the future of our state looks like starts with our ability to work as a collective to overcome the Governor’s veto. That’s why we’re supporting candidates and legislators across the state to secure a veto-proof majority in the Alaska State House.


A Veto-Proof Majority is a coalition of elected officials in our state’s House and Senate who can override the Governor when he vetoes legislation that our state legislature has passed. In Alaska, that majority requires a two-thirds vote from its combined legislative chambers.

A Veto-Proof Majority helps us ensure that our Governor can’t hold the key to the future of our state. Without it, legislators can come together to pass bills and resolutions that have a real impact on the lives of Alaskans, only to see them be wiped out with the simple stroke of a pen. We know that our constituents elected us to bring real wins to them and their families, and a Veto-Proof Majority helps us do just that.

Absolutely – in fact, we’ve already seen a major example play out just over the last year. The BSA increase, which would have given Alaska schools the vital funding they need to help future generations reach their fullest potential, was passed by our legislature before being killed by the Governor’s veto. It didn’t matter to the Governor that the BSA increase had support across the aisle and would have done untold good for Alaska’s future, he vetoed it anyway. Having a Veto-Proof Majority would have ensured that we could have overridden it and won even if he vetoed the BSA increase due to his political agenda. 

This is just one example – the reality is that this would help bring power back to the people, and the legislators that represent them.

You can! Joining the Veto-Proof Majority campaign is as easy as helping us spread our message across the state. We have graphics with the messaging already taken care of for you, all you have to do is fill out our form and share your graphics with your friends and family on social media! No matter how big or small the effort, your support will get us one step closer to the majority we all deserve.
If you want to go a step further and help out candidates on the ground, we’re including links to their socials and campaign websites so you can reach out to them! We’re going to need every single person on board if we want to win this race, so reach out if you have the capacity!
Yes! We’re using #vetoproofmajority for the content we post to help us see the posts we’re all making and better elevate the message we’re pushing! We suggest using it in all of your posts – we know we will!

Who’s Involved?

State Senate

Sen. Janice Park
SDF | Anchorage

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Janice Park first came to Alaska in 1991 before moving to Anchorage from the Lower 48. Motivated by her passion for making a difference in issues that affect many families, she became a paralegal and now is fighting to serve in the Alaska State Senate representing District F.

Sen. Matt Claman
SDH | Anchorage

Website / Facebook / Instagram

Matt Claman came to Alaska in 1980, working as a cook in remote mining camps. After graduating from law school, Matt returned to Alaska to raise his family and establish his career. He has been serving Alaskans since 2015, and is now running West Anchorage as an Alaska State Senator.

Sen. Scott Kawasaki
SDP | Kodiak

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Scott Kawasaki was raised in Fairbanks for nearly his entire life. After graduating from Lathrop High School, Scott attended UAF where he achieved a degree in Biomedical Sciences. He has spent the past four years serving in the State Senate serving Alaskans in District P.

Who’s Involved?

State House

Rep. Andi Story
HD4 | Juneau

Website / Facebook

Andi Story has lived in Juneau for over 30 years, raising her children Ellen, Mallory & Ryan. She has spent years regularly advocating for increased focus on education representing Juneau and now is loving the opportunity to represent neighboring communities in new District 3.

Andy Josephson is a lifelong Alaskan born in Anchorage now serving the people of House District 17. After careers as a teacher and prosecutor, he was first elected to the state house in 2013. In this role he is passionate about championing the needs of his community.

Rep. Denny Wells
HD15 | Southwest Anchorage

Website / Facebook / Instagram

Denny Wells is a lifelong Alaskan and the son of an IBEW electrician. As a husband and father of three, he is running to ensure that Alaska’s youth have access to a thriving education system, support Alaska’s families, protect reproductive rights, promote economic growth, and provides a fiscally responsible budget.

Rep. Carolyn Hall
HD16 | West Anchorage

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Carolyn Hall is the eldest of three daughters and fell in love with Alaska after moving here in 2008. Since then, she has started a successful business and earned a master’s degree from UAA ,and is now running to represent Alaskans in State House District 16.

Rep. Cliff Groh
HD18 | North Muldoon

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Cliff Groh is a lifelong Alaskan, a husband, a father, and a lawyer who has worked as a municipal attorney, a prosecutor, a criminal defense attorney, and an oil and gas property tax lawyer. He currently serves as State Representative from House District 18 in the Alaska Legislature and has been in office since 2022.

Rep. Donna Mears
HD21 | South Muldune

Website / Facebook / Twitter

Donna Mears is a Civil & Environmental Engineer with degrees from Rutgers University and the University of Michigan who now proudly serves the South Muldoon district of Anchorage! Since 2023, she’s been an Alaska State Representative fighting for a better future for Alaskans across the state.

Rep. Ted Eischeid
HD22 | Northeast Anchorage

Website / Facebook / Twitter

Ted Eischeid hails from rural Alaska and has spent most of his career working as an educator, including 25 years teaching middle school science. He’s running to serve Northeast Anchorage where he plans to work hard to create rational and effective government that provides real opportunities to Alaska students.

Rep. Maxine Dibert
HD31 | Fairbanks

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Maxine Dibert is a Koyukon Athabascan who was born and raised in Fairbanks. Her native name is Neelthdinlo which means “a strong runner.” She taught school in Fairbanks at Denali Elementary for 21 years and now serves as the Representative for House District 31.

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