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Seeing Alaska's True Colors

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Thursday, November 4, 2010
The Alaska Democratic Party Reminds Randy Ruedrich Alaska Is Not “Deep Red”

(Anchorage, Alaska) – The Alaska Democratic Party stood its ground in the 2010 election.  Even though the Republicans tried very hard to defeat two State Senators, they failed.  The Alaska Democratic Party retains ten seats in the State Senate.  While Alaska Republicans gained two seats in the State House, the Alaska Democratic candidate Bob Miller picked up a seat in Fairbanks from six-year incumbent Mike Kelly.

“Alaska Democrats represent half of the seats in the State Senate and 43% of the seats overall in the State Legislature.  Plus, one of our two U.S. Senators is an Alaska Democrat and the other wasn’t even the Republican Party endorsed candidate.  That doesn’t look ‘deep red’ to me,” said Patti Higgins, Chair of the Alaska Democratic Party.  “Efforts are made – and led – by Alaska Democrats to work in bi-partisan fashion with Republicans in the House and the Senate.  Alaska Democrats understand that helping all Alaska is their first and foremost goal – not gloating about victories or advancing national agendas.

On Election Day, two items on the ballot passed which reveal Alaska’s true colors: Proposition A and Proposition B.  Higgins went on to say:

Alaskans know what is best for Alaska.  That’s why they overwhelmingly passed Prop A and Prop B.  Both of these propositions reflect democratic values – create programs to help Alaska veterans, universities, job-force, and economy.

“Prop A and Prop B are the best examples of what Alaskans really want.  They want Alaska to grow and be better and stronger for our families, our children, and our businesses.  No outside or corporate money went to persuading Alaskans that Prop A and Prop B were bad.  So Alaskans voted for what was best for Alaska.

“Many statewide campaigns – and even some local campaigns – had large amounts of outside and corporate money pumped into Alaska to use scare tactics and tell voters what’s ‘best for Alaska.’  The Alaska Republicans who used that money are now beholden to the special-interests that gave them those resources.  Last year’s Republican dominated legislature did not pass legislation like Prop A and Prop B.  If it happens at all, it happens because Alaskans vote for it.

Right now, Alaska is purple.  Those who try to say differently ignore Alaskans’ votes on things like Prop A and Prop B and the fact that Alaskans keep sending outstanding Alaska Democrats to Juneau and Washington, D.C. to represent them.


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